About Us

A.G. River is a local family-owned and operated business located in San Francisco. This business began in 1982 in a small San Francisco garage on Banks St. Agustin Sr. started making his name known in the industry, so his small two car garage was not big enough to hold all his work, and he moved the company to our current location on 900 Cortland Ave. In 2003, A.G. River was passed down from father to son, so Agustin Jr. took over the business and thus began a new era for A.G. River.

We manufacture our custom-made wood windows and doors in our business location, thus giving us the advantage of a fast turnaround time and more reasonable prices. We do far more superior craftsmanship quality work, than anyone else in the bay area. Because San Francisco is a historical city, we want to provide our windows and doors to those homeowners who wish to maintain the integrity of their Victorian, Edwardian, Classic, Tudor, or Commercial homes. We keep in mind our nation’s goal, to build more energy efficient and greener homes.

"Our mission is to provide our customers
with a superior product at reasonable cost." 

A.G. River is a full service mill and shop in the heart of San Francisco. We can build any type of window and door imaginable. The company uses superior lumber and glass from well known and trusted suppliers. The wood that we commonly use is Flat Grain Douglas Fir and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir. The glass we typically use is clear single pane glass. Upon request by the customer we can make windows and doors with exotic hardwoods, thicker glass, and different style glass. These materials are worked with precision techniques and superb workmanship, long forgotten by most wood workshops due to modern technology. We are one of the few wood window and door shops left in the nation that still puts love, sweat, and tears into the products that we proudly produce.

A.G. River Inc. 900 Cortland Avenue San Francisco CA 94110     PHONE 415.648.8535      FAX 415.648.8246