The standard thickness for a typical wood sash is 1⅜". (Others: 1½" and 1¾") The turner bit we use on the shaper gives our windows the standard OG style molding used in Victorian and Historical Homes throughout the United States. Our customers have the option of adding true divided lites and/or custom shapes, and even selecting a different type of wood for example, Oak, Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood. All our windows come pre-primed with 2 coats of primer.

Double-Hung Windows: A pair of sashes that consist of a top and a bottom that slide up and down with the assistance of ropes on either side. They are hung on a pair of counter-weights (found inside the wall of the casing) which pull up on the sashes. These sashes can be made with traditional single pane glass or can be upgraded to insulated glass. 

Casement Windows: They swing out to open like a door with hinges or they can also be hinged on a scissor-type hinge called a “Whitco” Hinge. This hinge has a neutral friction, which helps stabilize the window to prevent the window from flapping open. They also provide greater accessibility for cleaning.

Awning Windows: Window frames that have one or more hinges at the top or on the sides and swinging outward.

Fixed (Stationary or Picture) Windows: Do not open in any form

Bent Sashes: Typically found on the corner of a bay window home. The only difference between bent sashes and regular sashes is that bent sashes arch outward.

Arch Sashes (Round Top Sashes): They have unique rounded top feature.

All Types and Styles in Block Unit Form: They are similar to vinyl inserts but wooden. We are the exclusive manufactures of these units; contact Ed Newman (415) 307-7606 for more details.

These are only a few selected types of windows that A.G. River manufactures. We are fully capable of making any custom sash or door. Chances are if you can think of a design, we can make it!

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